DIY Decorate Your Home Office

With the ever-increasing popularity of online business and international communication at the click of a button, more and more people are choosing to work from home. Although it seems like an easy option at first, finding the right mix of inspiration, focus and motivation can sometimes be hard in such a familiar space.

But there are many ways that you can transform your home office into the perfect working space and save money at the same time. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Personalised Supplies

Decorative and attractive items make all the difference in an office environment. People are often focused on keeping it professional that they forget to have some fun. You can easily print onto files and document holders by sticking paper shapes onto them and then painting over the whole surface to create cut-out designs. Stationary supplies with cute words and inspiring messages can brighten up your day too.

Attractive Wall Space

There’s nothing more uninspiring than staring at a blank wall, well, unless you’re about to fill it with ideas! Although you shouldn’t clutter the walls because it can make the room feel smaller, it’s worth creating attractive and useful noticeboards to hang and pin notes, memos and plans onto. Fix your favourite frame or moulding onto an eraser or cork notice board and paint it to match the rest of the room. You could even keep organised with a DIY quilted wall by stapling batting or strips of fabric to a wall, then securing the crisscross designscrews or nails. Be sure to use the appropriate drill equipment if you have brick or concrete walls to attach the materials securely.

Fix-It Furniture

Create your own desk or shelves by upcycling unwanted furniture pieces. From old doors to baby changing tables, the possibilities for creating a desk are endless. Paint the legs and desktop in different complementary colours to a bit of quirkiness to the space. Instead of bothering with fixing drawers, why not paint an old filing drawer duo an attractive colour and pop it under your desk space? It does the trick!

Maximise Magnets

Magnets work wonders for storage and clever organisation ideas. Pick up some magnetic knife rack strips and stud them with metal hooks to hang notices, bags or binder clips with important receipts. You can even use metal vases, lamps and tumblers to fix notes with magnets on too.

The more personalised and harmonious your office space is, the better you will feel. It’s always good to get into a bit of DIY and try it out as although it is adventurous, the added satisfaction of knowing that you have done it yourself is priceless. 

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