Trend Kitchens- Renovation Made Easy

When you are looking at ways to makeover your kitchen and give it a face lift or a new look and feel, there are many ways to go about it. Whether it is adding or changing a few features, adding something new, or totally redesigning the look of trend kitchens, you have many options available to choose from.

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Kitchen renovations can be a dream come true if you get the right team of professionals behind you, but it can quickly become a nightmare if you get a team working on your kitchen designs that is not qualified or skilled to do the work. If you are looking for kitchen renovation companies, then you have come to the right place. With Kitchen Finesse, they utilize a unique process when it comes to making custom made kitchen designs for our customers. Keep the following stages in mind as you plan your new trend kitchens design and make your appointment with Kitchen Finesse today!

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Step 1 – Concept & Quotation

  • In house consultation that is specially designed and tailored to offer unique kitchen design solution based on your requirements, needs, and limitations

  • Material and colour theme selection with the option for live design consultation in the office or in your home

  • Get instant quote for your kitchen project over the phone to serve as a starting point for your plans and design

  • Figure an estimated time frame for completion and work up a schedule that fits your needs as well as the needs of the renovation crew


Step 2 – Check & Measure

  • Detailed site measurements will be taken before any work begins and a thorough review will be conducted to ensure all of your needs are met

  • Finalising the appliances, materials, measurements and work will begin on your trend kitchens new look and design

  • Comprehensive time frames will be set in place and continually updated and all work will be covered with a written contract agreement signed by both parties

Step 3 – Manufacturing & Assembly

  • Only the absolutely highest quality materials and the most skilled contractors are used for installation

  • Assembly of all cabinets and counters is done on site and deigned to fit your unique design, and final inspections carried out after every stage is completed

  • Project manager is actively involved in the process and is reviewing the work every step of the way and is active in the entire installation

  • Skilled shippers will maintain safe and timely delivery and on site inspectors will maintain a safe working environment


Step 4 – Site Check & Preparation

  • Old kitchen demolition and removal can be included within the design and installation process 

  • Other speciality experts can be called in for necessary work if special touches or features are needed for your design

  • Experts inspect your kitchen to ensure everything is up to codes and safety standards

Step 5 – Installation & Fit Off

  • Installation of your new kitchen is done by our proficient installers

  • Connecting and final touches on all appliances and décor are finished off according to the final design

  • Clean up of installation areas to ensure the kitchen is ready to use once the crew leaves

Step 6 – Final Check & Quality Inspection

  • Exhaustive material and workmanship along with safety checks

  • Warranty documentation and final terms agreed upon

  • We ask you for your valued feedback about your experience

Your new kitchen is now ready to use and enjoy! Renovations for trend kitchens can be a dream come true if you get the right team of professionals behind you. Trust the experts at Kitchen Finesse and discover the difference they can make for your renovation project!

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