3 low budget tips to glam up your living room

If you’ve lived in your property for a while, your living room will become a repository for some of your most precious memories.

You’ll finish awful relationships on your settee, invite friends over for mad parties, watch your kids unwrap their Christmas gifts on the living room floor and devour the latest Game of Thrones box set on your big screen telly.

But what if those memories are tainted by the kind of interior design that could only be appreciated by the colour blind?

What if your telly could have been set dressing for Mad Men, your settee looks like it was in The Wire and your wallpaper appears to have been salvaged from a burnt down building?

No one wants their Kodak moments to be ruined by dodgy interior design. So what can you do to improve your room – without breaking the bank?

Sofas to enjoy

Does your settee make you feel like you’re sitting on a piece of two-by-four? Then you won’t only suffer discomfort in the here-and-now. After a few years of sitting in the same poor seating area, your spine will distend and grow painful.

So why not fork out for a seating setup that won’t make your back and derriere ache?

For our money, leather Chesterfield sofas are your best bet. In terms of quality, durability, comfort and flexibility, few sofas can hold a candle to them. The Chesterfield brand will also give you a choice of colours and a flexibility for pricing. So take a look at their great selection.

Terrific tellies

Tellies used to be so easy to figure out. All you had to do was buy the biggest set and plonk it by your living room wall. But now the waters are far muddier.

Nowadays, your telly is laden with enough features and jargon to make your head spin. Wi-Fi dongle support, Blu-Ray functionality, online capabilities, a 1080p built-in toasty maker and more ports than you can shake an HDMI cable at.

In reality, you only need to know a few salient points.

First off, purchase a 1080p model. It’s the highest resolution you’ll get, making it completely future proof. Next, be sure it has a suitable number of HDMI cables. You don’t want to purchase a Blu-Ray player only to find your PlayStation 4 is blocking all the ports.

The main feature

Feature walls have become the ‘in’ thing in recent years, and with good reason.

Essentially a wall with a different design to your others, it’s the perfect way to make your living room stand out. Naturally it’s a balancing act – make your wall too different and it could look garish.

But if you’re looking for a cheap way to add some flair to your living room, this is your best bet.

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