Current top trending ideas for a new kitchen

The thought of buying a new kitchen is incredibly exciting. Trips to see displays and to imagine the beautiful cabinets and worktops replacing your tired and tatty kitchen units. There’s so much to choose from, it’s often difficult to know which one to go for in order to stay on trend but not choose something which will be out of fashion in a few years.

The most important aspects to think about are durability – which comes with choosing a firm which offers quality products and excellent standards of fitting as well as excellent customer service and aftercare – as well as what works for you and your family as well as the space it is going to fit into. For anyone looking at kitchens, Lancashire families will know these all form part of the overall decision to be made as well as budget and style features such as the addition of appliances, flooring, tiling and any technology requirements; it’s now possible to have televisions mounted in different parts of the room such as under the cupboard so a good design team will be needed to envisage all your requirements.

Trends at the moment are seeing a move away from white kitchens – although they keep the top spot as the most popular colour, the reduction in the amount of chrome and nickel and the additional use of feature lights being real accent talking points rather than just functional items.

adlington Kitchen

Change in colour

The last few years have had either white or very brightly coloured high gloss kitchens as the best sellers.

White is still number one in the paint chart choice but hot on its heels is grey. This may come as a surprise to many, but it’s not a battleship grey we’re talking about, but a soft and natural tone. Along with grey is shades of stone and other neutral colours and there’s a real softening of sensation being achieved with this colour shift.

fitted kicthen

Metal features

To complement the shift from stark whites and minimalist, shiny styling comes a move away from the popular chrome and nickel in lighting and drawer and cupboard handles and the emergence of metals which look old, distressed or antiqued. Particularly popular to accompany the soft grey cabinets are bronze and iron and this is then reflected in the styling colours for the room lighting.

kitchen lights

Making it more natural

With the move away from the reflective natures of chrome and nickel, the time of using stainless steel as a splashback is decreasing and in its place comes the use of natural materials such as granite and limestone.

Wood is also making a big comeback, but as feature item such as large and solid pieces being used as decorative items attached to the wall or as naturally shaped chopping boards.


Lighting your way

In the past, lighting was often nothing more than a fluorescent tube, but things have really moved on. Kitchen lighting has now come into a class of its own with oversized feature lights being the big news and low-hanging pendants with a 70s retro feel being particularly popular over island areas.

Strips of under counter lighting will always be useful, but there’s now a move towards the favoured use of directional lighting over cookers, preparation areas and the sink. These are created with angled lamps which are fitted to the wall and then moved around as needed, giving more flexibility to the family chef.

Ramsbottom Kitchens are seeing the changes in style as much as any other company and advise that for anyone considering new kitchens, Lancashire residents should take the time to visit a showroom and talk to the staff to find out the options and to see for themselves the changes in design for a room which will always be at the heart of any family.


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