Different Applications for Venetian Wooden Blinds

A lot of people choose to purchase Venetian wooden blinds for their home. This is because they can make a room look more charming, warm and inviting. They come in various styles, using different types of woods. Furthermore, they can come in a solid color, but they can also be painted in any design imaginable.

A Touch of Style and Color

If you have a very neutral room, using soft creams and whites, you may find those types of shades very relaxing. However, they can also get a little bit boring. By adding some darkly colored Venetians, you can add a bit of a splash of something interesting, a little bit of drama in other words. Consider a natural gray or green color, for instance, as this will make your neutral room look more inviting and warm.

A Bit of Drama

You can also make things a whole lot more dramatic, creating a focal point in a room. Painting Venetian blinds in one of the primary colors, or purchasing some that have murals on them, can really create an eye catching feature in your room. Blinds can truly be works of art in that manner, which is perfect for rooms that have very little wall space because they have a lot of large windows. When lowered, you have a work of art in front of you and, when raised, you still have a little bit of a splash of color. It really changes the overall feel of the room. Mural painted blinds are particularly popular in children’s rooms as well, creating a space that feels warm, inviting and safe for your child.

Extra Shade

Windows are great because they allow the outside to come in and they make your room warm. However, sometimes, the light can create a glare, or it can make a room feel too hot. When you install Venetian blinds, you can decide just how much sunlight you allow in. You can have the shade you want during a hot sunny day, while also having some privacy. This is why they’re perfect for glass windowed day rooms and porches.

Lots of Flexibility

You can use Venetian blinds in any way you like. You can purchase models that look like shutters, so that you create a really dramatic statement. You can cover them with curtains and drapes for a more layered look. You can put them inside the recess of your window to create neat, clean, modern lines. These blinds can be custom made, which means they are able to fit any window in your home. The sky really is the limit and the only thing standing in your way is your own creativity.

As an added benefit, these types of blinds are very easy to clean. You simply have to dust them down regularly, wiping them with a damp cloth every once in a while. They are virtually maintenance-free and are built to last, regardless of which room you put them in.

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