Essential Venetian Blinds Buyer’s Guide

One of the most common type of window covering in the world today is the Venetian blind. They are found in domestic and commercial properties alike. They look good, they’re cheap and they’re easy to fit. They can transform the look and feel of a home in an instant and some people even use them as a type of special feature. Hopefully, the information below will be of benefit to you if you are looking at buying Venetians or any other type of blinds yourself.

Venetian Blinds Types

The main difference between the various types of Venetian blinds is the material used in their construction. Commonly, they are wood, aluminum or vinyl. Aluminum blinds are popular because they make a room look chic, contemporary and sophisticated. Plus, they are very durable. As an added bonus, they can be coated with almost any kind of finish so that the can match any décor.

Wood blinds are also popular. Common types of wood include oak, bamboo, cherry and maple. These are a bit more traditional in style, although they can match with most decors due to the fact that they use natural materials. Interestingly, these types of blinds are surprisingly affordable.

Finally, there are vinyl models, which are the cheapest of the all. However, just because they are cheap does not mean that they are of poor quality. In fact, in some rooms, there is no suitable alternative to them. For instance, in bathrooms and kitchens, where there are high levels of moisture, there really is no option but to go for vinyl. Plus, they come in lots of different designs to fit any type of room as well.

Advantages of Venetians

Venetian blinds have a number of clear advantages. They help to increase privacy, give control over the amount of light that comes into a property and can totally change the overall style. They are more popular than full window coverings like curtains because they give you so much control over how much light you decide to let in. Plus, because of the various available materials, they are also highly adaptable.

Installing Venetian Blinds

One of the greatest benefits of Venetian blinds is that they are incredibly easy to install. It is unlikely that you will need a professional service to do it for you, although most blinds companies will offer it. The following tips should be all you need to put your blinds in place:

  1. Use millimeters for your measurements, as these are more accurate.
  2. Decided whether you want your blinds in the recess of face of the window.
  3. Measure the exact width and height that the blind will have to be by taking measurements at three points both in the horizontal and vertical lines.

That literally is all there is to it. The most difficulty you will have when it comes to your blinds is choosing which one you want, as there are so many different choices available. However, that is simply part of the fun.

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