House Renovation Ideas for Families with Senior Loved Ones

Having a senior citizen in the house comes with plenty of challenges. Nevertheless, many families choose to have their senior loved ones live with them. To minimise the risk of accidents and to maximise your family member’s comfort, there are a few adjustments you can do to your place. Below is a list of home renovation tips and ideas for families who have old people living with them.

Senior-friendly bathroom

Bathrooms are perhaps the most dangerous place for old people. That’s because there are a lot of features that can increase a senior’s risk of getting injured. As such, when you plan your home renovation project, the bathroom should be your top priority. Think about replacing your traditional tub with a safer option. For example, you can look for walk-in baths. With it, your old family member won’t have a hard time sitting or standing up when they want to use the tub.

This will help you prevent slipping and other safety risks. You can also add additional support railings or handles that they can grab on when they’re walking. It’s also equally important to switch to non-slippery tiles. If retiling is not an option for you, use anti-slip mats.

Wheelchair friendly areas

If your senior family member uses a mobility equipment to get around the house, then you need to create wheel-friendly areas. These should have ramps with handrails. With some tiny adjustments, your family member can to move from one place to another even without your help. To boost the ease of mobility, you should ditch the carpet on your flooring too. The fibre of your carpet might get caught in between the wheels of a mobility equipment. Consider using tiles or laminate flooring instead.

Say hello to better lights

It’s highly recommended to provide better illumination in houses where senior citizens live. That’s because it helps minimise accidents and other unwanted issues. Ideally, you should install additional lighting fixtures in areas where your senior loved one frequently goes to, such as the staircase leading to the basement or the second floor and the kitchen. You may opt to use motion-activated lights if you want to save money.

Improve ease of access in the kitchen

Your old family members have decreasing dexterity and strength. That’s why you should make necessary adjustments in the kitchen. They shouldn’t have a hard time lifting stuff or opening cabinets and oven doors. You should also place ingredients, cooking equipment and other essential items in easy to reach areas. You can also install a Lazy Susan inside your cabinets to increase storage and at the same time provide better and easier access to your ageing loved ones.

It’s only proper to give back to your ageing folks. They need you more than ever because their body is no longer as agile and strong as before. Having them live in your home is one of the nicest gestures you can do. At the same time, making a few adjustments to ensure their safety and comfort would be helpful for them. How safe is your house for your senior loved ones?

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