How Long Does a Loft Conversion Take?

Without a doubt, one of the first questions someone asks when they are considering a loft conversion is, ‘how long will it take to complete the project?’ Although there are several factors that must be considered, the average loft conversion takes around 6 weeks.

While every loft conversion is different, they all tend to follow the same timeline. It is important to have a good understanding of these phases before your project begins.

The design phase​

During the design phase, a team will visit your home to survey the dwelling, obtain measurements, and discuss what your goals are for the project. This information is crucial for the architect to draw up potential plans for your conversion. After the plans have been completed, you will be provided with a copy, as well as an estimate of the associated costs. If you don’t already have a contractor lined up at this point you should contact an experienced team like the folks at DePalma Roofing to turn your plans into a reality.

Preparing the site​

After approval has been received from the local council, the installation will be able to proceed. After you have consulted with your Project Manager, a starting date will be determined. Needed materials and equipment will be ordered and delivered to your home. Also, the space will be cleared out in anticipation of the upcoming work.

Construction begins​

Once the site is completely prepared, an expert scaffolding provider will arrive to put up the scaffolding. New joists, if needed, will be fitted into the space, as well as any wiring that is attached to the joists. Any empty space between the joists will be filled with insulation.

Construction continues​

Next, the floorboards will be put down for the loft and dormers will be installed. At some point during this process, the staircase will be fitted to the loft. The fitters will erect the partition walls and plasterboard will be attached to the rafting and studs. An electrician will run new wiring circuits to the loft and connect electrical outlets and lighting fixtures. Finally, all of the decorative extras, such as painting performed by professional painters, will be finalised. ​

During every phase of the conversion process, your Project Manager should be onsite to make certain that progress in being made and that the project is on schedule. You can also expect a Building Control officer to make several visits to verify that the work is being performed as planned, follows all of the regulations set by the Planning and Building Control, and is being completed to the highest possible standards.

Before you know it, your loft conversion will be complete and ready for use. In most cases, this will be within a six week period, although it may vary slightly from one conversion to another. Whether you plan to use your loft as a bedroom, office, or simply a place to sit back and relax with a good book after a long day, you are sure to love the results.


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