How to prepare your new home for a revamp

4884534393_4722e11f2e_oSo you’ve bought a new house, but now you want to be able to stamp your style on it to make the home truly your own. First up, you need to get the place properly cleaned and ready for the next stage of your revamp – decorating and furnishing.

Here’s how to make sure your house is spick and span before you start decorating it to your taste and preferences.

Get the carpets cleaned

Whether you plan to keep the carpet that came with house or not, a quick hoover will be of limited effect. For the best results you should hire a proper “wet” carpet cleaner and to give your floor coverings a good deep clean.

If you are unable to get hold of an industrial carpet cleaner, a professional carpet cleaning business will be able to assist. Not only is this easier in the long run, but the effects are likely to be more consistent and pleasing.

Clean and sand the paintwork

Before you can repaint your house, the current walls and woodwork will need to be prepared. This may mean scrubbing handrails and doors, or even sanding back to strip off varnish and thick paintwork.

If the house is currently wallpapered, you could strip it and prepare the surfaces ready for repapering or painting. Or for the next layer of wallpaper. It may be best to sand one room at a time to minimise the additional dirt you generate.

Dust. Properly.

Your new house will need a good dusting. This means cleaning doorframes, cupboard tops and the corners of the ceiling. Check for cobwebs, dust and general grime.

Don’t forget that your hoover is great for removing cobwebs from ceilings and behind curtains, helping to make the job slightly easier. You should also check behind the conservatory roof blinds which are natural dust magnets!

Clean the glasswork

Don’t let dirty windows spoil your view. Get your windows, patio doors and other glasswork cleaned properly to improve the look of your house inside and out.

If your home has a conservatory, you should get all of the glasswork cleaned inside and out. The outside surfaces will probably be inaccessible so you should probably secure the services of a professional conservatory cleaning service like Thomas Sanderson.

Deep clean the kitchen

Unless you plan to replace all of your kitchen units, the existing ones will need a deep clean. Give each of the doors a good scrub to remove any greasy deposits. You will also need to dust and scrub the top of each unit which will probably be covered in a thick layer of black grime.

You will also need to give the floor a good mop with plenty of bleach. If you can, clean under the units too.

The results of your cleaning may actually reveal a stunning house underneath the day-to-day grime left by the previous owner. If that’s the case, you may not need to do quite so much redecoration to stamp your own mark on the house. Instead you can focus on buying new soft furnishings, conservatory roof blinds or cushions to create the look you want.

Once you have completed your conservatory cleaning overhaul, this will leave you with a magnificent space for you to utilise all year round, you can have the friends and family around for a barbecue, or just relax with a nice chilled glass of wine and watch the sunset.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of sitting in your conservatory knowing the work day is done and your time is now your own to enjoy. You can utilise a conservatory all year round, so make the most of the time, read a good book in peace, or just enjoy the silence that comes from that contented space.

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