Makeover Tips for Your Small Bedroom

If you think that your small bedroom is a hopeless case when it comes to renovation, think again. At the moment, it may feel cramped, and you have no idea how you can stop feeling claustrophobic except spend as little time there as possible. However, this should not be the case. Your bedroom should be the most welcoming area of your house where you can kick off your shoes, lay back, and relax.

Fortunately, you can do a complete makeover of your small room and make it the bedroom you have always wished for. You need to make the decision, follow some suggestions, learn from the experts on fitted wardrobes, and get started.

Make use of all the available spaces you have

If you have a lot of stuff, it can be a challenge to find a place to keep them with the limited space you have. This is where you need to be creative. Use spaces under your bed as storage. Cute covered bins can be slipped beneath your bed and kept out of sight. Your windowsill can be a spot for a lamp, a vase of flowers, and other pieces you may want on display. Avoid over-cluttering. Install shelves on your walls for books and other items you need inside your bedroom. Use whatever space you can without crowding your bedroom.

Give your bedroom a paint job

Light colours can enlarge the appearance of a room. Choose off-whites and pastels instead of bold colours that can make it look tight and cramped. This is because natural light is reflected and lends the illusion of space. You could also bring in some hanging mirrors that create the same effect.

Pick out your furniture carefully

If your space is small, your furniture must be suitably fitted for it. Steer clear of bulky furnishings that will eat up whatever space you have. It is also an excellent idea to let go of the headboard and keep your bed as lovely and simple as possible. Headboards take up space too. A charming side table would fit in beside the bed for your lamp and other items you want to be within easy reach.

Work on your lighting

Your choice of lighting in your room can transform your bedroom into the perfect spot of relaxation. Lights with dimmers can set the mood and you can adjust them according to what you feel. Floor lamps can also be a beautiful addition to your bedroom, providing that glow that puts you in a calm state of mind, which is how your bedroom is supposed to make you feel.

Set the wheels in motion and give your favourite place the makeover it deserves. No matter how small your space is, you can find ways to make it comfortable and attractive. You can even come up with a particular theme and work around that idea when you remodel your bedroom. You will be pleasantly surprised to see the transformation and look forward to spending more time there.


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