Save space with a built in or fitted wardrobe

A built-in or fitted wardrobe with sliding doors is an ideal way to save space in any home while increasing its value. The fitted wardrobe can be custom-designed for recessed wall areas, under staircase space or an old bedroom closet area. A fitted wardrobe can be created for any wall space.

SKON Scandinavian Sliding Wardrobe Design creates the finest custom wardrobes and shelving to suit any building. The actual work is done in Ireland utilising the talents of the best local cabinet makers.


The sliding doors of the customized space can be traditional wood finish or contemporary designs. Wood finish doors include:

  • Walnut
  • Oak
  • Beech
  • Maple

The sliding doors can also be painted white, black, cream or silver to complement any decor.

aliding wardrobes

The finish on sliding glass wardrobe doors covers the colour spectrum. Fushia, orange, cream, pearl white and black are a few of colours available. Luminous blue, red and yellow along with a metallic blue are popular with contemporary decor.

Glass door colour panels can be mixed for different design patterns. Metallic mirrored doors can be combined with the glass or wood panels in several styles. Each door can feature the classic single panel or two, four or six colourful panels. The glass doors allow people to see inside the space. They also allow better light into the wardrobe when the doors are open.


Other door styles include:

  • Oriental doors with four to six equal size panels
  • Minima doors with 150mm banded panels
  • Luxor door with smaller panels on the top and bottom


Each space-saving wardrobe is unique. The wardrobe interior is custom designed based on the special needs of the designated space. Shelving can be wood or metallic, depending on the space and stored items.

Shelves can be arranged in any configuration. The wardrobe can have room for hanging clothes and shelves for shoes, handbags, sweaters and other folded clothing. A section can be allocated for drawers and special built-in shoe racks. 

Custom built-in or fitted wardrobes can be used to store linens, towels and other bathroom accessories in a hallway or bathroom. The wardrobe concept can also be used in a kitchen to store packaged foods, cookware and utensils.

A custom wardrobe will enhance a dining area. Built in cabinets will hold dishes, glassware and serving pieces with special shelves or nooks for different size plates. The sliding doors can also open to reveal a bar area with special glassware, a wine rack and other bottles. The bar can include a mini-fridge as well. Sliding doors can also be locked for security.

Built-in wardrobes are now used in living areas to house electronics including television screens, sound systems and video games. Libraries can also be built in behind sliding doors.

Wardrobe size and doors

The flexibility of these wardrobes with sliding doors allow them to be installed in every room of the house. The wardrobe does not have to be floor to ceiling. It can take up a half wall or be fitted under a bed or sofa. Special doors can be designed for corner units, attic spaces and dormer rooms with slanted roof lines.

The slider can be a cupboard built into the wall of a kitchen. The two sliding doors take up less room than conventional hinged doors. Two slider doors can lead to a walk-in closet with built in shelving and drawers. Three or four doors can cover a customized wardrobe created from an empty wall.

The team at SKON in Dublin offers a free consultation to anyone interested in remodeling a home with a custom built in or fitted wardrobe.

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